Telamon Corporation

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Industry: Telecommunications (信)

Telamon Corporation’s goal is to simplify business by increasing efficiency and streamlining operations for our customers. Established in 1984, we specialize in solutions for telecommunication networks, industrial assembly, wire harness manufacturing, and business process outsourcing.  Based in Carmel, Indiana, we operate in thirteen locations – ten domestic and three international. Telamon, the Greek word for “support”, is the largest private minority-owned company headquartered in Indiana.

Telamon公司的目是通提高客效率和精户运营业务。公司建于1984年,致力于为电信网,工装配,线束制造和业务流程外包提供解决方案。公司部位于印第安州卡梅尔市,下十三个分部其中十个在美国国内和三个在海外。 Telamon,源于希腊支持,是在印第安州的最大的少数族裔建的私