Stratosphere Quality

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Industry: Quality Assurance Services (量保务)

Stratosphere Quality is the largest global provider in of quality assurance and outsourcing solutions, including sorting and inspection services, to manufacturers of parts and components in the automotive, medical device, electronics, military, home appliance and recreational vehicle industries. As a partner in quality, we help suppliers and OEMs identify the root cause of quality problems, minimize defects, improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with quality issues.

SQ 量服公司是全球最大的量保和外包解决方案的供商,、医疗设备子、事、家、旅行房等行的零部件生商提供检选。作提供量服的合作方,我帮助供商和原始设备制造商确定问题的根本原因、把不合格品减至最少、改进质量、提高效率、降低与问题相关的成本。