Polaris Rare Earth Materials

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Nov 162016

Industry: Manufacturing (制造业)

Polaris Rare Earth Materials, LLC is a global provider of rare earth materials and permanent magnets. We have developed excellent sources in China to supply these rare earth materials. In addition, Polaris is a manufacturer of magnet assemblies, sub-assemblies, and a variety of custom components. We maintain a strategic relationship with Ningbo NorthStar, where we manufacture magnet assemblies and sub-assemblies to tight OEM specifications and tolerances.

Polaris Rare Earth MaterialsLLC是稀土材料和永磁体的全球供商。我在中国开优质的稀土材料来源。此外,Polaris是磁铁组件,子件和各种定制件的制造商。我与宁波北极星(Ningbo NorthStar)保持着略合作关系,我制造的磁铁组件和子件符合格的OEM格和公差要求。