Indiana State Department of Agriculture

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Nov 162016

Industry: Agriculture (农业)

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) was established as a separate state agency by the Legislature in 2005. Administratively, ISDA reports to Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, who also serves as Indiana’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. Major responsibilities include advocacy for Indiana agriculture at the local, state and federal level, managing soil conservation programs, promoting economic development and agricultural innovation, serving as a regulatory ombudsman for agricultural businesses, and licensing grain firms throughout the state.

印第安农业厅是由立法机关于2005立的州独立机。印第安农业厅行政上向副州兼印第安农业展部长苏珊娜·奇(Suzanne Crouch告。主要职责包括提出有关印第安农业政策建、管理土壤保持目、促进经济发展和农业创新、农业批全州的谷物公司。