May 192021

Last year, Indiana goods exports to China surged by $1.4 billion—up 56% percent from 2019. After two years of trade tensions that hurt American consumers and businesses, market openings and Chinese tariff exclusions in support of purchase commitments stoked US exports, according to a study released today by the US-China Business Council (USCBC), a non-partisan trade association representing more than 200 US companies from a wide range of industries.
“Indiana has been consistently punching above its weight and that’s down in no small part to the state’s strong leadership and collaborative business environment,” said Craig Allen, CEO and President of the USCBC.

Last year, Indiana’s top exports to China included pharmaceuticals & medicines ($1.4 billion), oilseeds & grains ($1.2 billion), medical equipment & supplies ($224 million), motor vehicle parts ($210 million), and resins & synthetic fibers ($107 million). According to USCBC, Indiana’s exports to China supported 20,400 American jobs in 2019.

“Since 2018, we’ve made it our mission to help companies navigate trade-related issues to help Hoosier business not only grow, but thrive,” said Colin Renk, executive director of the America China Society of Indiana (ACSI), a business-focused non-profit that facilitates bilateral trade and investment between Indiana and China.

Between 2011 and 2020, Indiana’s exports to China increased 88% while Indiana’s exports to the rest of the world grew 3%. To read the full report, please visit