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Ogletree Deakins

Industry: Law & Legal Services (法律服务)

Ogletree Deakins is an international law firm with more than 800 lawyers in 52 offices, working closely with employers in connection with their workplace needs. From traditional labor issues, to employment litigation, to workplace safety, to employee benefits, to international employment and other areas, Ogletree Deakins has experienced professionals in all areas of labor and employment law who provide efficient, client-focused service. Its labor and employment law practices are complemented by thriving practices in immigration, construction, and commercial litigation.  Ogletree Deakins represents employers of all sizes and across many industries, from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies.

Ogletree Deakins是一家国际性律师事务所,拥有超过500名律师及52 个办公室,专注于与雇主们紧密合作以满足它们在劳动雇佣方面的法律需要。从与工会相关的法律问题,到与劳动雇佣相关的诉讼,到劳动安全问题,到员工福利,再到国际劳动雇佣等其他方面,Ogletree Deakins在劳动雇佣法所覆盖的各种分支领域拥有经验丰富的专业律师为客户提供高效且以客户需求为中心的高质量服务。除劳动雇佣法外,Ogletree Deakins还辅之以大量的移民法、建筑法、商业诉讼等方面的法律服务。它所代表的雇主企业覆盖各种规模和多种行业,从小型企业到《财富》杂志公布的世界前50强企业。