Oct 022018

On Thursday, October 4th, Americans for Free Trade will host “Tariffs Hurt the Heartland” at Regions Bank Tower, 5th Floor Conference Center // One Indiana Square, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

The event will include a panel comprised of Indianapolis-area business owners and farmers, retailers and manufacturers who will share stories about their aspirations to grow their business through expanded export opportunities. They will also share how their workers’ livelihoods are impacted by the current multi-faced trade war. Finally, the panel will discuss how consumers may be impacted by tariff measures.

The roundtable is part of a nationwide, grassroots effort “The Tariffs Hurt the Heartland” that is backed by over 100 of the nation’s largest trade organizations that represent thousands of agriculture producers, manufacturers, workers and consumers across the country.  For more information regarding this effort, please visit our site at www.tariffshurttheheartland.com or RSVP at http://landing.tariffshurt.com/rsvp-indiana