Oct 302018


On Saturday, November 3rd, tax and financial experts Jianmei Lin, Lucia Chen, and Hong Nie will be hosting a College Education Funds Planning Seminar at 10:00am at Formosa Buffet Restaurant, 6304 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46250.

During the seminar, Hong Nie will share the opportunity on how to utilize your spare time to earn extra money for your children’s future college contribution. Lucia Chen will share with you on how and when to start building your children’s education fund. She will also demonstrate different ways of education funds saving plans , including plan 529 to fit your best need.

In this seminar we  will help many Chinese families to prepare for  future college expenses and plan ahead together with our tax and financial experts. All the seminar attendees will be provided a free lunch buffet at Formosa Buffet Restaurant. Please RSVP  with Jianmei (574)329-3047. First come first serve. This seminar is in Chinese only.