The first-ever Indiana Global Economic Summit will highlight universal issues with localized implications, exploring best practices, emerging trends and future insights on topics such as global food security, defense and cybersecurity, industries of the future, energy solutions, sustainability, sports diplomacy and government-to-government relationships.

We’re bringing these conversations to the heart of the U.S. Midwest, where we’re poised for growth. Here, deep-rooted and enduring trades like agriculture, manufacturing and logistics converge and advance with technology, propelling new solutions and new industries. Urban environments and rural communities coexist, providing unmatched testbeds for R&D. Global businesses and startups, renowned universities and research institutes, industry leaders and pioneers alike convene and connect.

Whether it’s developing life-saving pharmaceuticals and medical devices, enhancing farming operations with applied automated intelligence, or using advanced composite materials to design more energy efficient technologies, products and solutions developed here have a tangible impact on people across the world.

Indiana has long been known as the Crossroads of America, and now we’re growing globally.

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